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Security / Winter Checks

While your property is not being lived in, in winter or during other periods of unoccupancy, it is very important to check it regularly to ensure for, example that tiles haven’t moved in a storm, that there are no leaks, and that there have been no unwelcome visitors (human or otherwise).

Perfect Property Management will check your property exactly as often as you require. That may be on a weekly or monthly basis, an ad hoc visit or anything in between. We do not believe in forcing our owners to sign an annual contract which insists on a certain number of visits. You can choose  when you want us to check your property. This is in stark contrast to the majority of our competitors who insist on an annual contract and a fixed monthly charge whatever the circumstances.

While at your property PPM will check that the electricity is off (or on) depending on your instructions. We will check that there are no leaks, and that any equipment which should be functioning is doing so. We will check that the property is secure and if any problems are found we will report them to you. We will then organise emergency repairs as necessary.