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Pool Maintenance

A modern villa with a great pool

Regular pool maintenance is essential to ensure your holiday home guests never have to face that horror of horrors – a green pool!

We strive to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your pool and to that end we have a schedule and checklists for all of our team to ensure each pool is treated and cleaned on schedule with the right products at the right time.

Nonetheless, sometimes the weather or other outside influences conspire to make life difficult. If this happens you can be sure that Perfect Property Management will respond in a timely and professional manner to return your pool to it’s previous pristine condition and enable you or your guests to enjoy their holiday with as little disruption as possible.

A courtyard pool at night – Just beautiful

We recommend using high quality chemicals and indeed we supply only CTX products at this time. This is because we have found them to be effective and economical in use, ultimately allowing us to maintain your pool to the highest possible standard. There is a truism which extends well to the world of pool chemicals and that is “you get what you pay for.”